Package Tracking

Our cloud-based receiving solution improves inbound package delivery with real time tracking and chain of custody reporting, creating a smarter way to receive and track packages.

Streamline inbound package delivery with real-time tracking

If your organization is like most, manually receiving and tracking inbound packages is no longer a best practice—or even feasible. Whether your mail center is simply too small to handle the deluge of inbound packages or your staff is growing frustrated with failed or delayed deliveries, Pitney Bowes tracking and receiving solutions help you streamline inbound delivery with real-time tracking and chain-of-custody reporting.


Track, monitor and deliver with confidence

The real answer to the “where’s my package” question is software that helps simplify the way you receive and track inbound packages and manage assets.

Pitney Bowes’ proprietary tracking and receiving software includes on-premise and cloud-based solutions designed to:

Simplify your receiving operation and improve productivity by eliminating manual processes and the costly errors associated with them.

Precisely track, monitor and deliver packages, assets and more across your organization with accurate, real-time tracking and status updates.

Ensure accountability and protect inbound packages, important documents and assets with advanced reporting and chain-of-custody reporting features.

Gain complete visibility of your receiving operation and optimize your processes as your needs and requirements evolve.

Automate package status at every stage.

From the time a parcel arrives at your premises to the time it’s delivered, inbound parcel tracking helps you get the job done fast and with minimum errors. A simple process helps ensure your business delivers mail at optimum efficiency.

Consider how inbound parcel tracking can benefit your organization.

Increase productivity:

Eliminate errors from illegible handwriting

Reduce time spent responding to status inquiry calls

Automate communications

Track both mail pouches (bags) and the individual content of each container

Provide accurate information:

Look up precise package status

Demonstrate progress against service level agreements.

Prepare budgets with precision

Conduct accurate annual performance reviews

Maintain integrity and security:

Ensure proof of delivery

Document chain of custody

Photograph suspicious items and confirm with addressee prior to delivery

Make more informed decisions about delivery status

Facilitate damage claims:

Photograph damaged item

Share visual evidence with sender/carrier via email

Improve damage claim turnaround