Smart Lockers

Flexible, modern technology is key to accommodating today’s hybrid workforce. ParcelPoint Smart Lockers, the secure delivery solution from Pitney Bowes, delivers safety, security and convenience no matter how your company scales or needs evolve.

Today’s organizations are looking for multiple ways to transform office spaces to more modern and smarter environments. ParcelPoint™ Smart Lockers can deliver additional value through various uses, customized workflows and ongoing enhancements.

Optimize compartment space and deliver more value to your smart locker investment through simple software add-ons. In addition to the convenience of safe, contactless, anytime pick-up of packages and assets, ParcelPoint Smart Lockers can also provide safe, secure, self-service storage — all from the same solution.


Indoor Lockers – Plus Series:

Customized configurations to fit your needs. Our highly customizable Plus Series are custom tailored to your specifications. Whether it’s a simple or complex workflow, varying volume and space requirements or a must-have custom color, the Plus Series has you covered in options like: A modular design with 20+ column configurations to choose from. An assortment of front and rear load compartments ranging from small to oversized. Your choice of any RAL powder coat paint color or customized design (just add your brand or school logos with locker wraps).

Outdoor Lockers

Gain additional flexibility and convenience with our extremely durable outdoor locker systems, offering protection from moisture, heat, cold and wind, so your packages and assets are safe, secure and always accessible. These sturdy alternatives:

Provide options for your locker placement.

Allows for an extension of mail room operating hours without having to add staff with 24/7 package pick up.

Are available in a standard gray with the option for a customized locker wrap.

Come in 4 pre-configured double column towers with multiple compartment sizes.

Includes LED lighted canopies for safe and easy use of lockers at night.


Contactless delivery

Smart locker solutions offer convenient, contactless package delivery and pickup, keeping both staff and recipients safe.


Complete chain of custody

Seamlessly integrate delivery lockers with PitneyTrack® Inbound, ensuring you receive and deliver with ease.


24/7 self-service access

Recipients receive automated alerts of incoming packages and assets, and can retrieve them at their convenience.


Flexible Options

With indoor, outdoor and rear-loading lockers, we have a solution that will fit your specific volume, layout and workflow requirements.


Prompt delivery and installation

Some locker options can be delivered in 4 weeks or less*. Plus, you can always rely on our superior end-to-end local service and support. *In the contiguous U.S.